Saturday, August 6, 2011

"7 Days"

Wow!! This summer has flew by and now there are only 7 days before I leave for China.  As I sit here writing this post and looking at my luggage, I realize that I am extremely nervous.  This is the first time I have traveled outside the United States and the first time I have ever traveled alone.  Looking back at how this journey began, it all seems so crazy and so long ago.

It all began last December, when I became interested in studying international business.  I went into my counselor's office, all excited, for I had finally decided upon my major.  As soon as we began discussing my new major, the topic of studying abroad came up.  Previously I had thought about it briefly, but never had given it too much seemed like a fantasy.  But she began discussing studying abroad with me in detail, and I suddenly began to feel as though I was in the middle of a sales pitch and she totally had me at "hello"...just kidding, she is nice but she is no Tom Cruise...actually she had me at "you could go to China".  After our meeting I began considering the idea of studying abroad much more seriously.  Looking at my schools' many options, I was so lost. China sounded amazing...but so did Italy, Spain, Australia, and all of the other locations listed for study abroad opportunities.  After weeks of research I finally came to the conclusion that China was the place for me to study abroad.  I went back to my counselor and began the long process of preparing for studying abroad.  There were many forms that had to be filled out for my school and the school I would be studying at, not to mention all the documents that the government needed for me to go.  But here I am, eight months later counting down the days before my departure.

Thank you all for reading my first post and I hope that you will continue to follow my blog throughout my time in China. I will be writing this blog like a diary, keeping tabs of everything that I will experience including: 7 remaining days before I leave for China, my long flight to China, culture shock, going to college in Beijing (student life/dorms/roommates), daily life in Beijing, different sights I see as I travel for three weeks across China, and more interesting things.  Since blogger is banned in China, once I leave the states all posts will be coming from my e-mail. Please feel free to e-mail me with any questions/comments at